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Why You Need To Budget For A Yearly Boat Servicing

Boats are very popular all across Australia, as most of the population lives within a few hours of the coastline. These range from small tinnies to the larger yachts that are an ever-present feature of Sydney Harbour.  However, something that is often underlooked at when purchasing a boat is the ongoing cost of maintenance for said boat. If you are looking at getting a boat you need to start planning how you will budget for your yearly boat servicing, and here is why.

Boats Are Not Cars

This point cannot be stressed enough. With cars, it is often easy to identify when a major problem is just around the corner, and if something does happen, you simply pull over as soon as you can. Boats are far more finicky beasts that do not always give you warning signs as to what is going wrong. Also, if your boat malfunctions, even if it is just a minor fault, it can leave you stranded kilometres away from the shore and in rough conditions. The stakes are much higher when it comes to your boat, which is why boat servicing is so important to protect against even the littlest of issues. 

Boat Servicing Can Cost A Bit

An important reason why you need to budget for boat servicing is that, simply put, it can cost quite a bit. A good rule of thumb is that a servicing can cost you about 10% of the total cost of your boat. Now, that will not be the same for every boat, and more simple seacraft will not face nearly that amount in fees. But it is important to know that if you have a larger sailboat or engine-powered vessel, it does cost a fair bit to maintain it. There is a lot more than just checking an engine (which is what most people expect since that is primarily the case with car servicing), and ensuring everything is watertight and ready for another year is very important. That is why saving up a little each month is a great way to be prepared for future servicing.

Servicing Safety Equipment

Many boat servicing contractors also check up on the safety equipment that keeps you safe out on the water. They will check your emergency kit, any beacons or locators, life jackets and any emergency inflatable craft. This is often just as important as checking up on the boat itself because it gives you the peace of mind to know that even if something does go wrong the backup options are in place and ready to go. If they find something wrong, they can usually replenish that item from their own store, saving you the trouble.