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Top Tips When Buying Kohler Generators

Generators are an ideal choice for people that need a backup power source in their homes or business premises. They are typically quite affordable and durable. Here are some various considerations you should make when buying generators. 

Check Your Power Needs

First, you may need to have an electrician calculate the energy consumption of your home or business premises. Typically, they will check the wattage of your appliances and the number of hours that you use the appliances. These calculations will help the electrician to determine the size of the generator required to run your home or business. Your energy consumption is bound to increase over time. For instance, you could purchase new appliances or increase the number of people in your household. As such, you should buy a generator that is larger than your energy consumption. Otherwise, you may have to purchase a new generator after a few years. 

Generator Features

Portable generators should have a rigid frame or handles to ensure you have an easy time carrying the generator. Wheels and trollies are an added advantage. In addition, you should look out for safety features such as a carbon dioxide shutoff system. The system contains sensors that shut the generator if carbon dioxide levels in the room exceed a specified level. Additionally, the generator should incorporate noise reduction technology or enclosures to reduce noise pollution and it should also have a transfer switch to turn on the generator in case of a power outage. Check the amount of time it takes before the switch ignites the generator. Likewise, check the fuel consumption of the generator. Ideally, it should have a large fuel tank it runs for long. 

New Or Used Generators

Purchase new generators from accredited dealers as it is a sure way to have reliable products. Besides, the dealer will likely provide warranties and after-sales services such as free shipping and installation. Moreover, the dealer will offer repair and maintenance services once your warranty becomes void. 

You should also inquire about the generators run time and usage. Besides, conduct a bank load test to determine the operational load of the generator. Conduct a visual inspection to identify dents and rust on the generator. Lastly, to prevent potential losses if the generator breaks down, you should also consider asking for a guarantee. 

When buying a generator, determine your energy needs, check the generator features, and observe the recommended buying tips. Cleaning your generator, emptying the fuel tank and replacing the filters are sure ways to increase the longevity of your generator. Check out this website,, or similar websites for more information.