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Don't Ignore The Problems: 3 Signs Your Boat Needs Marine Services Right Away

When you own a boat, you know how important it is to provide proper care and maintenance. If you've owned your boat for many years, you should also know how to identify issues that require marine services. However, if you're new to boat ownership, those warning signs might not be as familiar to you as they should be. To help you identify potential issues, read the information provided below. If you're experiencing any of the issues described below, it's time to schedule marine services. With proper repairs, your boat will be back to peak performance. 

Your Hull Is Covered in Barnacles

If you own a boat, and you want to ensure peak performance at all times, it's important that you inspect for barnacles. You might not realise this, but barnacles can create drag, which slows down your boat. Not only that, but barnacles can also reduce the fuel efficiency of your boat, which means the cost to head out onto the water will increase drastically. To avoid those problems, you should have the barnacles removed on a regular basis. Marine services can take care of the removal for you. 

Your Boat Is Leaving a Smoke Trail

If you've noticed a smoke trail from your boat, but you haven't noticed any changes in performance, you might not think you need marine services. Unfortunately, that might not be the case. Some older outboard marine engines do emit a small amount of smoke. However, there shouldn't be a thick trail of smoke behind your boat. If you see smoke, your boat could have an oil leak. Or, the mixture of fuel and oil might need to be adjusted. Either way, it's important that you arrange for marine services as soon as possible. 

Your Engine Isn't Expelling Water

If the water intake system is working properly on your boat, you should see a steady stream of water flow from the engine whenever it's running. This flow of water helps the engine maintain a safe operating temperature. When the water intake system isn't working properly, your marine engine is at risk of overheating. That's why it's important that you inspect the intake system each time you take your boat out on the water. While the boat is running, check the engine compartment. If you can't see a small stream of water from the engine, don't take your boat out onto the water. Instead, call for repairs right away. 

If you notice any of these issues, contact a local marine service.