Trying New Sports: A Guide

Two situations in which martial arts would be a great hobby

Here are some situations in which martial arts might be a good hobby for you to engage in.

You have issues with feeling frustrated or angry a lot of the time

If you have circumstances in your life that leave you frustrated a lot of the time or if you just have a natural tendency to feel angry, then martial arts could be an excellent activity for you to do. The reason for this is that martial arts can be a safe outlet for people who experience these types of intense and difficult emotions on a regular basis. It can give them a healthy way to express these emotions with their bodies, without hurting themselves or those around them.

For example, repeatedly going through the motions of hitting or kicking a punching bag for several minutes at a time is a great way to relieve feelings of frustration. Likewise, sparring with someone in a controlled way could be a healthy way for you to express your anger, without inflicting any serious harm on your sparring partner. Lastly, because almost all types of martial arts are physically challenging, doing them can help to get rid of the chronic tension that you might experience in your body, due to the pent-up emotions that make you tense up your muscles all the time. This, too, could help you to feel less affected by these emotions.

You want to do just one well-rounded form of physical activity

If you don't want to have to take, for example, four different exercise classes to ensure your fitness routine is well-rounded, then a martial arts class might be right for you. The reason for this is that martial arts classes usually involve movements that will challenge you in many different ways.

For example, practising the roundhouse kicks that are done in Taekwondo and karate classes will improve your flexibility, leg strength, balance and range of motion. Likewise, your levels of agility and coordination will come on in leaps and bounds if you do lots of kickboxing, where you need to kick and punch at the same time.

As such, instead of having to take, for example, a weightlifting class to build strength, a yoga class to become more flexible and a dance class to improve your coordination and agility, you can experience all of these physical improvements by taking a martial arts class a few times a week.